About Script Engine

Script Engine is being developed as a fully featured game engine for internet browsers. The goal is to use only built-in browser technologies such as JavaScript and HTML DOM, to provide a complete and consistent cross-platform experience.


Initial Technology and Performance Evaluation (Version 0.1)

  • Frame based animations are possible
  • Frame based animations are smooth
  • Sufficient JavaScript performance available
  • Sufficient user input hooks available
  • Test various rendering methodologies

Pathfinding and Obstacle Avoidance (Current Development)

  • Macro-node based pathfinding
  • Attraction/repulsion based path-traversal
  • Spacial partitioning system

Note: These points are subject to change as development progresses.

Short Term Goals (Future Development)

  • Evaluate CSS sprites for use in animations

Long Term Goals (Mostly Speculation)

  • User interface
  • Audio
  • Worker threads
  • Off-line storage
  • Network sockets