Canvas TD

Canvas TD is a native JavaScript game, belonging to the tower defense genre. The original goal of Canvas TD was to be the first fully playable JavaScript game I had ever written. It is no surprise that Canvas TD is very simple and unbalanced, but it is fun to play regardless.

Play Canvas TD

Canvas TD running in Google Chrome under CrunchBang Linux

Canvas TD running in Google Chrome under CrunchBang Linux

How to Play

Build defensive towers to keep the bad guys from reaching the end of the road. Each tower has its own unique capabilities, so plan your tower organization wisely!

Note: The red towers are broken in this version. It's best to avoid them.

Key Bindings

  • q,w,e,r,t — hot keys for building towers
  • esc — cancel tower build
  • space — pause / resume
  • F11 — fullscreen

About the Game

The original implementation was written almost entirely on university time, in an effort to stay productive in a particularly underwhelming class. There were plans to port Canvas TD to the Impulse.js engine (a later project of mine), but they have yet to be realized. Due to the lack of progess, I decided to post the project as is.