What is Renamer?

Renamer is a lightweight, mass file renaming utility based on the Qt framework. It's designed to be very simple yet robust with it's drag-n-drop interface and use of regular expressions. Binary executables for Linux (both 32 and 64-bit) and Windows are available, as well as Renamer's source code.

Main Features:

  • Cross-Platform
  • Drag-n-Drop interface
  • Regex search and replace
  • Literal search and replace
  • Renames files and folders
Renamer v1.3 running under Ubuntu Linux

Renamer v1.3 running under Ubuntu Linux

Current Release

Linux (i686): Renamer [1.3.2 - linux32].zip (17.6KB)

Linux (x64): Renamer [1.3.2 - linux64].zip (17.3KB)

Windows (i686): Renamer [1.3.2 - win32].zip (2.5MB)

Source Code: Renamer Source [1.3.2].zip (6.3KB)

Note: Linux binaries are dynamically linked to Qt4. Renamer requires "libQtGui.so.4" be installed to run (e.g. the "libqtgui4" package on Ubuntu).

Planned Changes / Fixes

  • Using delete to remove items from the list only works when the window has focus.
  • Perl style Regular Expressions
  • Add F1 "About Renamer" information dialog
  • Recursive adding of files in nested folders.
  • Support for network protocols (e.g. smb, ftp, etc.)
  • More robust error/status reporting system.
  • (?) An option to include an automatically incremented number in filenames.
  • (?) Undo operation.

Change Log

Renamer 1.3.2 (Apr / 24 / 2010)

  • Closed several memory leaks

Renamer 1.3.1 (Aug / 29 / 2009)

  • Bound the primary Enter/Return key to the Search and Replace function
  • MinGW and Qt dependancies now statically compiled into the executable on Windows platforms

Renamer 1.3 (Mar / 08 / 2009)

  • Rebased Renamer to the Qt framework
  • Unicode characters now properly supported
  • Implemented basic status and error reporting

Renamer 1.2 (Aug / 05 / 2008)

  • Columns are now sortable
  • Columns are capable of auto-sorting after a search and replace operation
  • Replaced literal search and replace code for increased stability and more logical behavior
  • Improved entity handling under Linux
  • Fixed a crash bug during file list population where entities followed certain characters in a file name
  • Improved performance when populating the file list

Renamer 1.1.4 (Jul / 27 / 2008)

  • Fixed an infinite loop crash bug during literal search and replace
  • Improved entity handling under Windows

Renamer 1.1.2 (Jul / 20 / 2008)

  • Windows version available
  • Fixed a crash bug during shutdown
  • Literal search and replace now replaces all instances of the specified text

Renamer 1.1 (Jul / 02 / 2008)

  • Pressing "Clear List" no longer breaks the file list.
  • Adding the same file to the file list twice no longer breaks the file list.
  • Adding additional files to the file list no longer break the file list.
  • The main window is no longer centered by default when executing the program.

Renamer 1.0 (Jun / 20 / 2008)

  • Original release version

Package Archive

Linux (i686)

Linux (x64)

Windows (i686)

Source Code

Note: Renamer 1.2 and below were built using GTK instead of Qt. Windows users will need GTK+ runtime version 2.12.11 or later. Download the latest version from SourceForge.