Draft: JavaScript Road Map (March 12, 2009)

The following is a rough outline of where I want to take my JavaScript project:

Version 0.1 - Proof of Concepts (Current Release)

  • Frame based animations run smoothly
  • Render frames without artifacts
  • Sufficient browser speed for playability
  • Sufficient mouse and keyboard hooks available
  • Rough design outline for best performance

Version 0.2 - Pathfinding & Obstacle Avoidance (In Development - Subject to Change)

  • Macro-node based pathfinding
  • Attraction/repulsion based path-traversal
  • Spacial partitioning system

Version 0.3 - Graphics Engine (Subject to Change)

  • Stream-lined graphics pipeline
  • Implement engine states
  • Implement engine options (quality settings etc)

Version 0.4 - Artificial Intelligence (Subject to Change)

  • More research is needed in this area...

Unassigned Features - Miscellaneous (Subject to Change)

  • User Interface
  • Solidify mouse/keyboard support
  • Browser sniffer (cross browser/platform feature detection)
  • Audio support
  • Worker thread support (especially in pathfinding)
  • Off-line storage (frame-sets, audio, etc)

Post Version 1.0 Features - Possibilities (Subject to Change)

  • Network sockets (perhaps supported through a JavaScript to Flash/Java/Silverlight API)?