A Walk through the Tasmanian Wild (May 21, 2014)

Lake St. Claire and Mount Rufus

After Cairns, we flew far south to Hobart, in the rugged state of Tasmania. Overall, Tasmania reminds me a lot of Wyoming and the mid-West in general. Even the capital city of Hobart had a distinctly small town feel to it, with just enough tourist-ness to it to make it feel a bit like being in Jackson. We spent the majority of our time at Lake St Claire and Freycinet National Park. Lake St. Clarie makes the exit point for the 65km Overland Track, which people from around the world come to backpack over 6 days or so. Unfortunately, we didn't have any backpacking equipment with us, so we settled with hiking about a third that distance to the top of Mount Rufus. Tasmania is full of incredibly venomous snakes, and we saw several along the way. The views from the top were incredible though.

View from the Top of Mount Rufus

Freycinet and Wineglass Bay

Freycinet National Park is a very popular tourist destination in Tasmania. People book camping spots months in advance, and they have a lottery for the summer months. Lucky for us, we managed to snag a campsite when some other campers failed to show up. Compared to Lake St. Clair's total absence of people, Freycinet felt crowded, but the views were no less spectacular in their own way.