A Visit to Dreamworld (November 24, 2013)

A while ago, we got out hands on some cheap tickets to a theme park near the Gold Coast called Dreamworld. It is only about an hour away, so we jumped on the train and headed down. The theme parks here are generally a bit lackluster, but this one had a decent amount of zoo-like area. There was a giant free-falling tower of terror sort of thing, which was actually pretty cool. You could see for miles (er kiliometers) from all the way of there. It was definitely the tallest free-fall ride I had ever been on. Somewhere between the pouring rain and standing in line for rides, I managed to not take a picture of it...

Dreamworld on Paper

At least I got a picture of the map. Click the image to see a big-amized version. Some of the rides were closed on account of the rain, but we ended up riding most of them anyway. We even did the Rocky Hollow Log Ride, because why wouldn't you go on a splashy boat ride in the rain?

Tiger Island

The main attraction at Dreamworld for us was definitely going to be the koala bears, but we managed to stumble across a whole slew of other animals along the way. The first stop was at "Tiger Island" after a quick double-take and asking ourselves if those were actual tigers. Maybe not very original, but tigers are always cool.

Some Kind of Turkey... Thingy

By this point, it had started raining, and this was the only picture of this area that turned out. I don't remember what it is honestly, but it looks like a turkey...

Finally Koalas and Kangaroos!

Being nocturnal, all of the koalas were sleeping. Even I have to admit they are pretty cute though, and we totally got to hold one.

All the kangaroos were just hanging out, and you could walk straight up and pet them. The gray kangaroos they had don't get very big. I have yet to see a red kangaroo, like you always see in picutres, which are much bigger.


I have alway been a fan of turtles, although I couldn't tell you why. Fun fact though, red eared slider turtles are classified as a pest species in Australia, and you can get fined something like $40,000 for having one in your posession. Pretty crazy considering they are probably the most common pet turtle back in the States, and I personally had one when I was younger.

Crocodiles? and Friend

I honesly couldn't tell you if they were alligators or crocodiles, but here they are. Also, a little lizard who happened to be hanging out by the pond.


I don't think most wambats look quite like this, but they remind me of furry pigs with no tails.


From all the movies and stories, you would think a dingo would be significantly more scary looking. They seriously remind me of a polar bear in dog form, and there should probably be snow somewhere nearby...

Random Stocks Picture

I think this was part of a random little "Western" themed section of Dreamworld. She looks way too happy considering she's in the stocks.

Until Next Time

Well that's it for Dreamworld. I have tons of picutres I still need to put up, so check back for more.