G'Day Mate (July 25, 2013)

It's been almost 2 weeks since I began my journey to Australia. Several people have asked me how I have been and what Australia is like, so I figure now is a good time to put together my first photo blog.

So far Australia has been awesome! Not all sunshine and rainbows mind you, but very good none-the-less. I landed Saturday the 6th of July after being in airplanes or airports for over 30 hours. Luckily, this wasn't as bad as I expected it to be, and I even grabbed several hours of sleep on the plane from LA to Auckland, New Zealand. All things considered, it was about as painless as air travel gets. I even walked straight through the ticket counter and security in Jackson. I met a couple of people returning to Brisbane on the last leg from New Zealand too. The people here are generally very nice and considerate, which really lends to the feeling of Brisbane being much smaller than it actually is.


My first Australian monies! Prices are generally pretty high, but already include taxes like in the UK. Not having to factor taxes on top of the listed price for goods took me off guard at first, but there is something nice about always paying exactly what the sign says. Small change is pretty rare too. I've never seen a penny or a nickel so far. I'm not even sure pennies exist to be honest.

This was my view out of the front door of my first hotel room. The weather was apparently warmer the usual when I arrived, with mid-70's durring the day and mid-60's at night.

The Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens is a city maintained park about two blocks from my house. It's incredible and quite large. There is even a nice 2km path that goes around the outside that makes for a nice, quick jog. These pictures represent a small fraction of the entire thing. Exploring the rest of it is definitely on my todo list.

South Bank

There were a few places for rent in South Bank, so we took a forey across the river one day. The first three pictures were taken from the Goodwill Bridge, and the last right before we came back over the Kurilpa Bridge. Both are pedestrian bridges, wide enough for two lanes of traffic.

Downtown Plaza

A few blocks from here is a huge plaza with malls and department stores that takes up 4 city blocks. There is a Myer that literally takes up 6 stories. This is a picture of City Hall at night, which is just off the main plaza.

Everything is Bigger in Australia

We keep finding things in ridiculous proportions here, so I decided to make it a game to take pictures of everything. The cantaloupe (which they call rockmelon) was by far the largest I have ever seen. That is a large soup spoon next to it in the picture. The box of corn flakes stood out like a sore thumb on the shelf too. If you took the biggest box of corn flakes from the US, this could easily hold two of them.